Gulf Song

I wrote this while vacationing in Panama City Beach, Florida, our favorite getaway.


Birds a dash of pepper soar

       Against a painter’s sky

Grasses bent by salty winds

       Whisper soft and sigh

Footprints gently washed away

       By the ever-reaching tide

Dunes resculpted every day

       As if they can’t decide


Sparks on velvet steal the sky

       Over satin gleaming black

Sequins dance on turquoise silk

       When morning steals it back

Pebbles that had once been stones

       Smoothed and shaped by years

Hollow spiral, pink and white

       Tells everything it hears


Foaming crest of wave on wave

       A march that never ends

The rusty-hinge refrain of gulls

       Calling to their friends

Billowing white canvas

       Glides across the blue

Orange-yellow arms of warmth

       Encircle me and you.


—Serena Casey