In the works

I failed spectacularly at NaNoWriMo in 2012. Life happened and I only wrote a couple thousand words. Oh, well.

But now it’s 2014 and I’m ready to try again. Have an idea that I’m not sure how to execute but I’m anxious to give it a try.

I wrote the bulk of my second novel, tentatively titled “Loviisa’s Letters” during NaNoWriMo 2011. Although I succeeded in reaching NaNo’s goal of 50,000 words, the story is not finished yet.

One of the fun parts is naming my characters. A name has to be just right in order to bring a character to life. Of course, names will have different associations for the readers than the author, but if the name evokes the right feelings for the author, she can write convincingly and give the reader an entirely new view of the name.

Here are the three main characters.

Loviisa Quinn, single mother, lead singer for a small-town band
Natalie Quinn, Loviisa’s four-year-old daughter
Seth Durrell, former FDNY firefighter, drummer

The story takes place in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, just as my first novel, “To Finish the Dance,” does. Loviisa is on a mission to rebuild her self-respect after her verbally abusive husband leaves her and their deaf daughter. She has a list of all the things he said she could never do, and she is determined to check them off one by one.

Seth left firefighting after 9/11 and has escaped to rural Michigan, where he pursues his first love, music—and yet he finds that some memories are not easily left behind. He is reluctantly drawn into Loviisa’s struggle as well.

It is entirely possible that by the time this novel is finished (oh, yes, it will get finished…eventually) the names and some of the details may have to be changed, but that’s the basic idea.

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